November featured artist of the month: Christina Graci

Christina Graci

Christina was born and raised in Metairie, La. She attended high school at Dominican in New Orleans, La. She attended college at LSU and also studied in Copenhagen, Denmark. She began painting in high school and has gone on to follow her passion of painting for 10 years now. “My first memory of painting on canvas was a copy of a Jordi Labanda illustration. I got started painting in high school elective art classes. I started drawing and sketching in pencil and charcoal, then progressed to oils.” Christina says.

Manny, with FASTLane of Zachary, had a chance to interview Christina on an array of different topics. Here is the Q&A of their conversation:

Manny: ”Who got you interested in painting?”

Christina: “I wouldn’t say any one person in particular started me painting. It was more of a progression from drawing in pencils, charcoal, and other media. I was just interested in trying new things really.”

Manny: ”Are there any other people in your family artist?”

Christina: “Actually, yes. My cousin Louis Braquet is a phenomenal painter. My brother and father also graduated in architecture so they can
sketch and draw as well.”

Manny: “What have you done to become a better artist?”

Christina: ”I have studied the works of other painters and artists and most importantly I have continued to try new techniques and media to expand my style and creativity.”

Manny: “How do you prepare to begin a piece of art?”

Christina: “I have to be in the right mood to paint. I can’t be rushed or be
on a ‘’schedule’’. I often leave the afternoon open with no other
obligations so I can solely paint until I am satisfied.”

Manny: “Where do you get your ideas?”

Christina: “I get my ideas from all aspects of life. Colors really inspire me as well as mixing new color combinations together. I’ll see a piece of clothing in a color I am drawn to at the moment and have to recreate it in oil!”

Manny: “What art or artist inspires you?”

Christina: “Meredith Pardue truly inspires me. Her work is so beautiful. Her colors are truly inspiring as well. I have often used her work in my career as an interior designer.”

Manny: “What is the easiest part of beginning a piece of art?”

Christina: “Having a color or colors that inspire me.”

Manny: “What is the hardest part of beginning a piece of art?”

Christina: “Trying to find time!”

Manny: “If things aren’t going well, how do you solve the problem?”

Christina: “I take a step back and leave the room and then come back in and look at the piece from a distance. This usually tells me what the painting needs
or how it has to be changed.”

Manny: “When do you know when you are finished with a piece?”

Christina: “This is very difficult! I usually know when I am finished when I
can’t think of any other color or stroke that will add to the painting.”

Manny: “How does art make you feel?”

Christina: “Accomplished. Soothed.”

Manny: “Do you belong to any groups, teams, associations?”

Christina: “Unrelated to art but yes. I am a member of the Baton Rouge Junior League and was one of this year’s decorations chairs for the LASM Gala.(Louisiana Arts and Sciences Museum).”

Manny: “Where do you sell/display your artwork?”

Christina: “My artwork is currently displayed at The Foyer and Yogalates II in
Baton Rouge, Simply Southern in Mandeville, and Shaun Smith Home in New

Manny: “Any advice for beginners?”

Christina: “Keep trying if you aren’t happy with your initial results.”

Manny: “Looking back what is your favorite piece of artwork and why?”

Christina: “I really love the piece that was accepted to hang in the 2011 Art Melt! It was my most challenging painting and really means a lot to me! It’s for sale and hanging at The Foyer!”

Many thanks to Christina for allowing us to interview her and share a view samples of her work.

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